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Running Playlist: iTunes top 10 analysis 08-18-2010

This week has been bad for us runners in the iTunes top 10, not much quality songs to work with. I included the analysis of the top 10 list below. The items in Bold are the ones that would be best to add to your running playlist.

This week, we also have 11 songs instead of 10.

“Why?” you ask?

That’s because Taylor Swift’s new song “Mine” is number 11.

I actually heard that song on the radio on Saturday on my way to a run, downloaded on my iPhone while i was running and listened to it about 18 times during the run. And no, I’m not a 12 year old girl… it’s just a great song to run with and to add to a running playlist. DON’T JUDGE ME!!! :)

Anyway, off to the list:

Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Get it on Get it on iTunes
Right Above it (Feat. Drake) 04:36 Lil Wayne 75 Right Above it (Feat. Drake) Hip Hop/Rap Right Above It [Explicit] Right
Dynamite 03:23 Talo Cruz 117 Rokstarr Pop Dynamite Dynamite
Teenage Dream 03:47 Katy Perry 122 Teenage Dream – Single Pop Teenage Dream Teenage
Love the Way You Lie (feat. Rihanna) 04:43 Eminem 92 Recovery Hip Hop/Rap. Hardcore Rap, Rap Love The Way You Lie (Feat. Rihanna) Love
I like it (Feat. Pitbull) 03:51 Enrique Iglesias 131 I like it (Feat. Pitbull) – Single Pop Latino, Latino I Like It I
Magic (feat. Rivers Cuomo) 03:16 B.o.B 90 B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray (Deluxe) Hip Hop/Rap, Alternative Rap Magic [Feat. Rivers Cuomo] Magic
DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull) 03:42 Usher 120 DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (feat. Pitbull) – Single R&B/Soul, Rock DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love DJ
Just the Way You Are 03:40 Bruno Mars 111 Just the Way You Are – Single Pop Just The Way You Are Just
Just a Dream 03:57 Nelly 89 Just a Dream – Single Hip Hop/Rap Just A Dream Just
Cooler Than Me (Single Mix) 03:34 Mike Posner 130 Cooler Than Me – Single Pop ,Rock Cooler Than Me (Single Mix) Cooler
Mine 03:51 Taylor Swift 120 Mine – Single Country, Pop Mine Mine

You can also sample the songs here:

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Running Playlist of the week: 8-17-2010

Here’s the first running playlist of the week:

This playlist was designed for an easy one hour run, with just a few energizing songs woven in so you get a good workout as well.

Feel free to try it as is, or move songs around to match your preferences. The total length of this playlist is 57:03 minutes.

Name Time BPM Album Artist Genre Get it on Get it on iTunes
Summer Rain 05:27 131 Runaway Horses Belinda Carlisle Pop Summer Rain Summer
Mamma Mia 03:31 137 ABBA Gold Abba Pop Mamma Mia Mamma
Fight For Your Right To Party 03:28 133 Beastie Boys Beastie Boys Rap Fight For Your Right Fight
Wild Ride 03:06 138 The World and everything in it The Oranges Band Alternative rock Wild Ride The
Women In Love 03:48 126 Keep The Faith Bon Jovi Rock Woman In Love Woman
Pump It 03:33 135 Monkey Business Black Eyed Peas Hip-Hop Pump It Pump
Don't Damn Me 05:19 160 Use Your Illusion I Guns N' Roses Hard Rock Don’t Damn Me Don't
Amnesty Is Granted 06:10 139 Welcome to The Neighborhood Meat Loaf Rock Amnesty Is Granted Amnesty
Tell It Like It T-I-Is 05:13 136 Good Stuff The B-52's Rock Tell It Like It T-I-IS Tell
Carry on Wayward Son 05:22 127 The Best Of Kansas Kansas Rock Carry On Wayward Son Carry
See You Again 03:11 138 Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley Cyrus (Soundtrack) Miley Cyrus Rock/Pop See You Again See
Brilliant Disguise 04:17 126 Tunnel Of Love Bruce Springsteen Rock Brilliant Disguise Brilliant
Constant Craving 04:38 128 Ingenue K.D. Lang Country Constant Craving Constant

You can hear samples of these songs here:

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Running Playlists: Why is BPM of a song or playlist important?

Running Playlist

Wow, here’s where running with music at the right cadence (or beats per minute / BPM) comes in.

If you ever watched tribal runners (Kenyan Kalenjin, Tarahumara, and many others) as well as many western elite runners, you’ll notice that their cadence (sometimes also called stride rate) is very fast. What this means is that their feet touch the ground very quickly and very often.

Studies have measured that the best cadence is around 180 steps per minute. It has also been proven that speed isn’t a factor here.

Marathon runners use the same 180 steps per minute that 5k champions do and they each go at very different speeds. The only real difference is their stride length and forward lean which determine their speed.

This makes a lot of sense actually. The faster your foot turnover is while hitting the ground, the less time you spend in contact with the ground. This means less friction with the ground, less pressure on your feet, more “air time” and overall more forward movement with less energy spent on overcoming the time you spend “standing” with your feet on the ground.

As a runner you want to get as close as possible to this cadence so that your running is as efficient as possible. You can always measure your cadence with a metronome (see accessories section), but that can be very annoying after an hour or so of running and hearing the constant beeps.

You can also use music to help you keep your cadence and that’s why the music BPM is important. By running to the beat of the music, you’ll immediately notice how your cadence changes. If the song has a fast beat (e.g. Bonnie Tyler – “Holding Out for a Hero”) you’ll find that your cadance will go up. If you listen to a slow opera, you’ll find that your feet touch the ground more often, and you’ll immediately notice yourself slowing down.

Once you get the hang of it, you can actually build playlists for yourself with songs that have the right BPM for the right running situation.

Next I will share information that will help you learn how to build a BPM optimized running playlist

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Running Playlist: Why run with music?

Jogging Playlist image1

I have a question for you:

Do you want to run faster? Up to 20% faster, to be exact, than you do now? Do you want to heal faster and be less tired when you are done? If so, read on.

Let’s face it, if you run a lot, whether it is training for a marathon or a 10k or just for fun, running can get boring sometimes.

Music makes your run more fun, right?

But did you know it can also make you go faster, train better and lower your injury rates?
In a study by Brunel University, the researchers found that listening to music before or during exercise can reduce fatigue, and increase your performance by up to 20%.

Quote from the study:

1. Music can narrow attention and divert your mind from sensations of fatigue
2. Music can be used as a form of stimulant prior to training (loud, upbeat music) or as a sedative to calm feelings of anxiety or nervousness (soft, slow music)
3. Synchronizing work rates to music increases performance levels. Music tempo regulates movement and thus prolongs performance
4. Music can enhance the acquisition of motor skills and create a better environment in which to learn new skills.

This study shows that if you listen to music while you work out, you can train harder because your focus is on the music and not on how tired you are.

What this means is that if you usually run at 10min/mile, music can help you run at 8min/mile!

Also, in an article published by the University of New Mexico, Dr. Len Kravitz (I don’t think there is any relation to the famous Lenny Kravitz, but who can tell…), an Associate Professor in exercise science, talks about a test performed on 24 subjects who listened to slow and fast music while cycling. The results were that the participants who listened to fast pace music, performed better than the ones who listened to no music.

But here’s the issue: According to the research, it’s not enough to just listen to music, you also have to listen to the right kind of music based on the level of exercise you are participating in and the tempo of the music (Beats per minute/BPM)

More about that in the next articles.

Also, check out some cool websites I found that relate to running an music:

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