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A Running Playlist from

This week, I’m going to share something a bit different from the regular running playlists I usually share. I usually post music for running from my personal running playlist collection, but recently I discovered a great set of podcasts at

I usually listen to music when I run, but my runs are getting longer and longer now, and I find that if I listen to podcasts (or classes I download from iTunes U, which is also a great source for interesting information on almost any topic) I can make better use of the hours I spend on the road or trail and learn something in the process.

I recently found and while I am not an ultra runner (yet…:) I do find their interviews very motivational and fun to listen to. It really puts things in perspective when I’m whining about running for 2 hours in 85 degrees and then hear an interview with someone who got back from Badwater (100+ miles in Death Valley). They also have some great podcasts about nutrition and podiatry that are worth listening to.

Even if you never plan to run an ultra, these guys are just fun to listen to and learning more about running is always a good thing.

What does all this have to do with running playlists you ask?

Well, at the end of every interview, they play a running related song. I really enjoy their taste in music and though I’d share their list.

This running playlist is 52 minutes long, and averages at 129 BPM. I didn’t sort it in any particular order so feel free to use it as a whole or to pick and choose songs from it as you need.

And now, here’s the list, I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please comment, or contact me on facebook or twitter.
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Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Itunes Link Amazon Link
Ali in the Jungle 04:37.0 The Hours 143 Ali In The Jungle - EP Alternative Ali In the Jungle - Ali In the Jungle - EP Ali In The Jungle
Time-sick Son of a Grizzly Bear 03:01.0 The Mother Hips 120 Kiss The Crystal Flake Alternative Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear - Kiss the Crystal Flake Time-Sick Son of a Grizzly Bear
Gone Wanderin 02:55.0 Jackie Green 114 Gone Wanderin Blues Gone Wanderin - Gone Wanderin Gone Wanderin
Born To Be Wild 03:30.0 Stepphenwolf 145 Stepphenwolf Rock Born to Be Wild - Steppenwolf Born To Be Wild
Run Like Hell 04:24.0 Pink Floyd 118 The Wall Rock Run Like Hell - The Wall (Remastered) Run Like Hell (1994 Digital Remaster)
When We Were Angels 04:02.0 Markey Ramones Blitzkrieg 175 When We Were Angels Rock When We Were Angels - When We Were Angels - Single When We Were Angels
Run (I 02:40.0 Gnarls Barkley 150 The Odd Couple Alternative Run (I m a Natural Disaster) - The Odd Couple Run [I m A Natural Disaster]
Renegades of Funk 04:35.0 Rage Against the Machine 130 Renegades Rock Renegades of Funk - Renegades Renegades Of Funk
Run through the Jungle 03:04.0 Creedence Clearwater Revival 137 The Complete Collection (Digital Box) Rock Run Through the Jungle - Chronicle: 20 Greatest Hits Run Through The Jungle
Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) 03:56.0 INXS 120 Listen Like Thieves (Digital Version) Pop Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain) - Listen Like Thieves Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) (LP Version)
Never Gonna Stop 03:09.0 Rob Zombie 128 Past, Present & Future [Explicit] Hard Rock & Metal Never Gonna Stop - Never Gonna Stop (Live) Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy)
Bound for Glory 05:28.0 Tedeschi Trucks Band 90 Revelator Rock Bound for Glory - Revelator Bound For Glory
King of the Mountain 03:51.0 Midnight Oil 151 Blue Sky Mining Pop King of the Mountain - Blue Sky Mining King Of The Mountain
The Distance 02:59.0 Cake 92 Fashion Nugget [Explicit] Rock The Distance - Fashion Nugget (Deluxe Version) The Distance

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