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Running Playlist Song Of The Week – Blown Away

Those of you who were following running playlist for a while, know that I’m a big country music fan, and this week’s song of the week is one of the better songs I’ve heard in a while.

Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” is a very powerful song. It has strong beats and a strong undertone which adds some pump to your runs.

The song runs at 139 BPM, and the music and lyrics will keep you going fast.

Locked Out of Heaven - Locked Out of Heaven - Single

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Running Playlist Song Of The Week – 50 Ways To Say Goodbye

This week’s running playlist song of the week is a fun one.
I recently heard “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” on the radio and immediately liked it. It does sound a little bit like another Train song, but it’s still fun to listen to and most of all fun to run to!

This song is 142 BPM, so it will give you a good workout.

50 Ways to Say Goodbye - California 37

Running Playlist Song Of The Week

I’m starting a new segment on running playlist, and I’m calling it “Running Playlist Song Of The Week”. In this segment, I’ll share a song that I really like that can also be part of a good running playlist.

This week, I’m going to share “Live While We’re Young”, by One Direction.
This song is 124 BPM, and just feels like a fun song to run to.

Live While We're Young - Live While We're Young - Single

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