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An Italian Running Playlist for the Milano Marathon

running playlist italy

My friends from @milanomarathon asked me a while back if I could put together a running playlist for their upcoming marathon. Of course, I don’t speak any Italian, nor am I familiar with the Italian music scene, but why should that stop me from trying, right?

Turns out that finding good Italian music with a high BPM is much harder than you might think….

When I started searching for Italian music, most of the stuff I got was the kind of music you hear in the background when you go to an Olive Garden (a cheesy US Italian chain restaurant – good food though, love their minestrone soup…). Obviously, not something you’d want to run with.

But after a few hours of work, I managed to get a pretty decent list of songs. I even found some that I liked for my personal running playlist (especially the Laura Pausin songs).

This list is 41 minutes long, not a marathon playlist by any means, but enough to give you a start, and it averages at 133 BPM. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t speak or understand Italian, so if these songs are offensive or too cheesy, I apologize in advance.

For those of you running the Milano marathon, buona fortuna!

Also, don’t forget to check out the running playlist iPhone app where you can get new songs and running playlists directly to your iPhone.

And now, here’s the list, I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please comment, or contact me on facebook or twitter.

Get it on iTunes Name Time Artist BPM Album Get it on
Senza Pietà (Italian) - I-5 Dreams Senza Pietà 03:57 Carmelina Cupo 119 I-5 Dreams Senza Pietà (Italian)
Fino Al Confine Dell'Inverno - A Passo Lento Fino Al Confine Dell’Inverno 03:59 I Ratti della Sabina 121 A Passo Lento Fino Al Confine Dell’Inverno
Bellisimo Así - Primavera Anticipada Bellisimo así 03:52 Laura Pausin 121 Primavera anticipada (Spanish Version) Bellisimo así
Sara Perche Ti Amo - The Very Best Of Italian Pop Songs Sara Perche Ti Amo 03:07 Generation Pop 124 Best Of Italy Sara Perche Ti Amo
No, No, No, No (Italian Version) - Take A Heart No, No, No, No (Italian Version) 02:33 The Sorrows 131 Take A Heart (Reissue) No, No, No, No (Italian Version)
Urrà sogni (Original Extended Version) - Urrà sogni (Sigla estate 2010) Urrà sogni (Sigla Estate 201 02:49 Sogni Animazione 132 Urrà sogni (Sigla estate 2010) Urrà sogni (Sigla Estate 2010)
Guido Piano (Drivin' Slowly - Italian Version) - The Equilibrium / L'equilibrio Che Non C'è Guido Piano (Drivin’ Slowly – Italian Version) 05:03 Frastuono 133 The Equilibrium / L’equilibrio Che Non C’è [Explicit] Guido Piano (Drivin’ Slowly – Italian Version)
La Rivoluzione - A Passo Lento La Rivoluzione 04:33 I Ratti della Sabina 140 A Passo Lento La Rivoluzione
Stai con me - Stai con me - EP Stai con me 03:20 Frank Damy 141 Stai con me Stai con me
Ma cos'è questa crisi - Folkabbestia Ma Cos’È Questa Crisi 04:13 Folkabbestia 146 Folkabbestia Ma Cos’È Questa Crisi
Ninna Nanna (Lullaby - Italian Version) - The Equilibrium / L'equilibrio Che Non C'è Ninna Nanna (Lullaby – Italian Version) 03:41 Frastuono 155 The Equilibrium / L’equilibrio Che Non C’è [Explicit] Ninna Nanna (Lullaby – Italian Version)


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It’s Finally Here! A Surprise from Running Playlist

running playlist iphone app

You may have been wondering what I’ve been working on for the past few months or maybe not, but still…

Well, I can finally share this now! Running Playlist has gone mobile and I now have an iPhone app in the apple app store.

You can get it here

This app takes the music on this website into the mobile world and cuts out the PC as the middleman for all your running playlist needs.

running playlist iphone app

Imagine that you’re on a run, and want to up your pace by using a high BPM song. Problem is, you don’t have a way to find high BPM songs in iTunes, and you won’t waste your time listening to lots of songs trying to find the right one…
Running Playlist to the rescue! Just like in the site, the new running playlist app has tons of songs listed by BPM to address all your running needs.

But wait, there’s more…

Not only can you find songs or entire playlists by BPM, you can also find them by event type. So if you need a playlist for a fast 5k and you realize that 10 minutes before the run starts, all you need to do is launch the app, tap the “5k” icon, and there you have it, 100′s of songs and playlists for you to choose.

Get the running playlist app here

The folks at Apple liked this app as well, and it’s now (as of yesterday) featured in the new and noteworthy section in its category.

running playlist iphone app

Right now, the app is priced for the launch, but it won’t stay like this forever, so get it now…

Also, I would really appreciate if you share this with your friends, so we can get this app out to as many runners as possible. No reason for them to run with boring music, right? :)

You can get the running playlist app here

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Half Marathon Running Playlist of the Week: 03-24-11

running playlist

I’ve been working on this half marathon running playlist for a while now. It’s really hard to find 3-5 hours worth of good songs that not only work together as a list, but also have good BPM and are fun to listen to, but I think I’ve found a good combination.

This half marathon running playlist is 3:16:25 long and averages at 143 BPM, which is a bit high for me, but I’m sure you fast runners out there would enjoy it.
If you want to use the whole list for a half marathon, you’ll need to keep a pace of at least 15:10 mile per min, which is very adequate for a long run.

And now, here’s the list:

Get it on iTunes Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Get it on
I I Want You
02:59. Jackson 5 101 Jackson 5: The Ultimate Collection R&B/Soul I Want You Back
Voulez-Vous - Gold - Greatest Hits Voulez-Vous 05:07 Abba 126 ABBA Gold Pop Voulez-Vous
New Divide (Live) - New Divide (Live) - Single New Divide 04:29 Linkin Park 120 New Divide Rock New Divide
Pop! PoP! Goes My
03:16 Hugh Grant 125 Music And Lyrics – Music From The Motion Picture
Soundtrack Pop! Goes My Heart
Only Only Lonely 04:59 Bon Jovi 122 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit Rock Only Lonely
Constant Constant Craving 04:38 Ingenue 128 K.D. Lang Country Constant Craving
Work (feat. Missy Elliott) - Work (feat. Missy Elliott) - Single Work (feat.
Missy Elliott)
04:05. Ciara 123 Fantasy Ride (Deluxe Version) Pop Work
Light Light My Fire 07:07 The Doors 125 The Best Of The
Doors CD1
Rock Light My Fire
Suzie Suzie Blue 04:29 Ben Harper 120 Burn To Shine Alternative & Punk Suzie Blue
Walking Walking to
03:36 Ted Leo & The Pharmacists 164 Shake The Sheets Alternative rock Walking To Do
Live Live And Let
03:04 Guns N' Roses 152 Use Your Illusion I Hard Rock Live And Let Die
Don't Don't Stop Me Now 03:30 Queen 156 Greatest Hits I Rock Don’t Stop Me Now
Wrong Wrong Night 02:51 Reba McEntire 156 If You See Him
(Australia Limi
Country Wrong Night
I'm So Excited - The Best of the Pointer Sisters I'm So
03:53 The Pointer Sisters 160 The Best Of The Pointer Sisters Rock/Pop I’m So Excited
Danger Danger Zone 03:31 Kenny Loggins 161 Top Gun Soundtrack Danger Zone (Album Version)
The Evil That Men Do - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son The Evil That Men Do 04:36 Iron Maiden 163 Seventh Son of
a Seventh Son
Hard Rock The Evil That Men Do (Album Version)
Cover Cover 03:38 Engine Down 175 Engine Down Alternative rock Cover
Summer Summer Rain 05:27 Runaway Horses 131 Belinda Carlisle Pop Summer Rain
Mamma Mia - Gold - Greatest Hits Mamma Mia 03:31 ABBA Gold 137 Abba Pop Mamma Mia
Fight Fight For Your Right To Party 03:28 Beastie Boys 133 Beastie Boys Rap Fight For Your Right
The Wild Ride 03:06 The World and everything in it 138 The Oranges Band Alternative rock Wild Ride
Woman Women In Love 03:48 Keep The Faith 126 Bon Jovi Rock Woman In Love
Pump Pump It 03:33 Monkey Business 135 Black Eyed Peas Hip-Hop Pump It
Don't Don't Damn Me 05:19 Use Your Illusion I 160 Guns N' Roses Hard Rock Don’t Damn Me
Amnesty Amnesty Is Granted 06:10 Welcome to The Neighborhood 139 Meat Loaf Rock Amnesty Is Granted
Tell It Like It T-I-IS - Good Stuff Tell It Like It T-I-Is 05:13 Good Stuff 136 The B-52's Rock Tell It Like It T-I-IS
Carry Carry on Wayward Son 05:22 The Best Of Kansas 127 Kansas Rock Carry On Wayward Son
No No Surrender 04:02 Bruce Springsteen 154 Born in the USA Rock No Surrender
Shot Shot Through The Heart 04:19 Bon Jovi 154 Bon Jovi Rock Shot Through The Heart
Fragile Fragile awareness 02:41 The Pattern 155 Real Feelness Alternative rock Fragile Awareness
See You Again - Hannah Montana 2 - Meet Miley Cyrus See You Again 03:11 Hannah Montana 2 / Meet Miley Cyrus (Soundtrack) 138 Miley Cyrus Rock/Pop See You Again
Brilliant Brilliant Disguise 04:17 Tunnel Of Love 126 Bruce Springsteen Rock Brilliant Disguise
Live Live And Let Die 03:04 Guns N' Roses 152 Use Your
Illusion I
Hard Rock Live And Let Die
Midnight/Tornado Midnight /
04:18 Skid Row 152 Skid Row Rock Midnight / Tornado
Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy 03:56 Madonna 152 True Blue Pop Jimmy Jimmy
You You Make My
03:11 Hall & Oates 153 The Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates Rock/Pop You Make My Dreams (Remastered 2003)
Smiley Smiley Faces 03:05 Gnarls Barkley 164 St. Elsewhere Alternative & Punk Smiley Faces
Such Such Great
04:26 The Postal Service 174 Give Up Dance Such Great Heights (Album)
Foundations (Full Explicit Version) - Made of Bricks (Bonus Track Version) Foundations
(Full Explicit Version)
04:05 Kate Nash 167 Made of Bricks (Bonus Track Version) Pop Foundations [Explicit]
Heads Heads Will
03:41. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 133 It's Blitz! (Deluxe Edition) Alternative Heads Will Roll
I I Ran (So
Far Away)
05:07 A Flock of Seagulls 146 Platinum & Gold Collection Alternative/Punk I Ran (So Far Away)
Runaway Runaway 03:50 Bon Jovi 152 Bon Jovi Rock Runaway
Don't Don't Haunt
This Place
02:35 The Rural Alberta Advantage 174 Hometowns Alternative Don’t Haunt This Place
Playing Playing With
The Boys
03:55 Kenny Loggins 142 Top Gun Soundtrack Playing With The Boys
Sacred Sacred Heart 04:06 Cass McCombs 153 Prefection Alternative rock Sacred Heart
Devil Devil Inside 05:10 Inxs 150 Kick Rock Devil Inside
Let Let It Rock 03:51. Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne 118 In the City (Bonus Track Version) Rock Let It Rock
Billie Billie Jean 04:50. Michael Jackson 119 Thriller Pop Billie Jean

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Running Playlist: Half Marathon Playlist of the week: 09-30-2010

jogging playlist

It’s Thursday again and it’s time for a race running playlist. This week, we’ll talk about a half marathon!

For me, a half marathon is about going long and slow. I’m not an elite athlete, so I don’t have any delusions about winning the run, all I want to do is run it well, with a good time and not kill myself trying.

As such, the half marathon playlist is designed to keep the BPM in a lower range of under 140. I also built in some cycle time so you can build up until about half of the run, then rest a bit and then start to go faster again until the end.

I also made sure the list is very diverse, since you’re going to be listening to for a long time. This running playlist is 2:51 hours long  so if you are using it for a half marathon, you will have to run at most at 12.45 min/mile average pace, which isn’t very fast, but it’s not too slow either.

If you are like me, you will also be pausing the music for a bit while you run, I do like turning the music off somewhere mid run to get a feel of the crowds and the world around me. Then I turn it back on, so that should add give you some more running time if you are slower than the above pace.

And now – the running playlist:

Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Get it on iTunes Get it on
Electric Feel 03:49 MGMT 104 Oracular Spectacular Alternative Electric Electric Feel
Stronger 05:12 Kanye West 110 Graduation Hip Hop/Rap Stronger Stronger
Song for America 09:08 Kansas 111 The Best Of Kansas Rock Song Song For America
One-Trick Pony 04:47 Nelly Furtado 114 Folklore Pop One-Trick One-Trick Pony
Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) 04:39 Motley Crue 116 Dr. Feelgood Rock Don't Don’t Go Away Mad
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours 02:40 Stevie Wonder 117 Stevie Wonder: The Definitive Collection R&B/Soul Signed, Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Pride (In the Name of Love) 04:27 U2 118 Rattle and Hum Rock Pride Pride
Welcome to the World 03:03 Kevin Rudolf & Rick Ross 119 In the City (Bonus Track Version) Rock Welcome Welcome To The World
Lucky Star 05:33 Madonna 119 Madonna (Bonus Tracks) Pop Lucky Lucky Star
Gotta Be Somebody 04:13 Nickelback 128 Dark Horse Rock Gotta Gotta Be Somebody
Funiculi, Funicula 01:21 The 3 Tenors 130 The 3 Tenors In Concert 1994 Opera Funiculì, Funiculì, funiculà
Cooler Than Me (Single Mix) 03:34 Mike Posner 130 Cooler Than Me – Single Pop ,Rock Cooler Cooler Than Me
Jump 04:04 Van Halen 131 The Best of Both Worlds Rock Jump Jump
Big Sky 08:51 John O’Callaghan 132 25 Trance Essentials, Vol. 4 Dance Big Big Sky
Have A Nice Day 03:37 Bon Jovi 132 Have A Nice Day Rock Have Have A Nice Day
Glamorous 04:06 Fergie 133 The Dutchess Pop Glamorous Glamorous
These Days 06:28 Bon Jovi 133 These Days Rock These These Days
Tracking Treasure Down 08:40 Gabriel & Dresden 133 Gabriel & Dresden Electronic Tracking Tracking Treasure Down
For Whom The Bell Tolls 05:09 Metallica 120 Ride The Lightning Rock For For Whom The Bell Tolls
Nothing Short of Thankful 03:26 The Avett Brothers 120 Mignonette Country Nothing Nothing Short of Thankful
Just Dance 04:01 Lady GaGa & Colby O’Donis 121 The Fame Pop Just Just Dance
O… Saya 03:30 A.R. Rahman & M.I.A. 121 Slumdog Millionaire (Music from the Motion Picture) Soundtrack O… O Saya
Razzle Dazzle 03:47 Richard Gere 122 Chicago Musical Razzle Razzle Dazzle
Born in the USA 04:41 Bruce Springsteen 123 Born in the USA Rock Born Born In The U.S.A.
Tonight I Have to Leave It 03:30 Shout Out Louds 123 Our Ill Wills Alternative Tonight Tonight I Have To Leave It
Welcome to the Jungle 04:34 Guns N’ Roses 123 Appetite for Destruction Hard Rock Welcome Welcome To The Jungle
Little Lies 03:38 Fleetwood Mac 124 Greatest Hits Easy Listening Little Little Lies
Bad Obsession 05:28 Guns N’ Roses 124 Use Your Illusion I Hard Rock Bad Bad Obsession [Explicit]
Keep Hope Alive 06:00 The Crystal Method 125 Vegas Electronic Keep Keep Hope Alive
September 03:35 Earth, Wind & Fire 125 The Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 Pop September September
Disturbia 03:58 Rihanna 125 Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded Pop Disturbia Disturbia
Relax, Take It Easy 03:44 Mika 125 Life In Cartoon Motion Pop Relax, Relax, Take It Easy
How Many Miles Must We March 03:09 Ben Harper 126 Welcome To The Cruel World Alternative & Punk How How Many Miles Must We March
Brilliant Disguise 04:17 Bruce Springsteen 126 Tunnel Of Love Rock Brilliant Brilliant Disguise
F**k You [Explicit] 03:43 Cee Lo Green 127 F**k You [Explicit] Alternative Rocl F**k F**k You [Explicit]
I Can’t Explain 03:22 Scorpions 127 Stairway To Heaven / Highway T Rock I I Can’t Explain
Party All The Time 04:44 Black Eyed Peas 128 The E.N.D. (The Energy Never Dies) Rap/Hip-Hop Party Party All The Time
Famous Last Words 04:54 Billy Joel 128 River Of Dreams Rock Fous Fous Last Words

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