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Running Playlist Song Of The Week – Blown Away

Those of you who were following running playlist for a while, know that I’m a big country music fan, and this week’s song of the week is one of the better songs I’ve heard in a while.

Carrie Underwood’s “Blown Away” is a very powerful song. It has strong beats and a strong undertone which adds some pump to your runs.

The song runs at 139 BPM, and the music and lyrics will keep you going fast.

Locked Out of Heaven - Locked Out of Heaven - Single

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Country Running Music For Your Running Playlist

This week, I’m posting some country running songs for your running playlist as part of my running playlist by genre series.

As you may know if you’ve been following this site for a while, I’m a big fan of country music and it’s usually featured in my personal running playlists.

In this week’s running playlist I tried to include a good mix of new, old, famous and unknown country songs. I also tried to include some free country songs if you get them on (The free music list changes often, so the music here may not be free anymore if they change it but it’s worth checking out)

This country music running playlist is 40 minutes long and averages out at 132 BPM.

And now, here’s the list, I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please comment, or contact me on facebook or twitter.
I’d also appreciate it if you “like” this post on Facebook or “+1″ it if you are on Google+.

Itunes Link Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Amazon Link
Buick City - Whitey Morgan and the 78 s Buick City 03:11 Whitey Morgan and the 78 s 127 Bloodshot Best of 2010 Sampler Country Buick City
What Are We Waiting For - Fear Not the Obvious What Are We Waiting For 02:59 The Yayhoos 127 Bloodshot Records Spring Cleaning Sampler Country What Are We Waiting For
Lonesome - Brand New Me Lonesome 03:09 Cory Morrow 132 Lonesome Country Lonesome
Good Luck & True Love - Good Luck & True Love Good Luck & True Love 03:17 Reckless Kelly 120 Good Luck & True Love Country Good Luck & True Love
Just Good Ol  Boys - Super Hits Just Good Ol Boys 02:33 Moe Bandy 155 Greatest Hits Volume 1 Country Just Good Ol Boys
Cowboy Casanova - Play On Cowboy Casanova 03:56 Carrie Underwood 123 Play On Country Cowboy Casanova
Red Solo Cup 03:43 Toby Keith 83 Clancy s Tavern (Deluxe Edition) Country Red Solo Cup
Blue Collar King - Blue Collar King - Single Blue Collar King 03:48 Family Reunion 149 Blue Collar King - Single Country Blue Collar King
Camouflage - This Is Country Music Camouflage 04:26 Brad Paisley 122 This Is Country Music Country Camouflage
Here for a Good Time - Here for a Good Time Here For A Good Time 03:00 George Strait 125 Here For A Good Time Country Here For A Good Time
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight - Hank Williams, Jr.: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight 02:58 Hank Williams Jr. 151 That s How They Do It In Dixie Country All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight
It Happens - Love On the Inside (Deluxe Fan Edition) It Happens 03:01 Sugarland 171 Love On The Inside Country It Happens

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Directly from Texas – a country running playlist: 11-19-2010

I spent some time in Houston, Texas last week for work and did some running while I was down there. The weather was awesome and I ran in shorts and short sleeves most of the time. I was also inspired by my visit to do a country only running playlist. I used to live in Houston, and always loved country music, and while not all people in Texas are cowboys, ride horses and listen to country music all the time (in fact, Houston is very diverse and has the best international food I’ve ever had), it’s definitely a more popular genre than up north.

This list is a bit longer than one hour (1:08 to be exact) and averages out at 139 BPM, so it would give you a good pace for a workout, so just put on your headphones, and lose yourself in the beautiful music of the south while you run (don’t forget to pay attention to your surroundings and all the other things you need to do to stay safe… :)

And now – the running playlist:

Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Get it on iTunes Get it on
Amarillo By Morning 02:54 George Strait 122 George Strait’s Greatest Hits Country Amarillo by Morning - George Strait's Greatest Hits Amarillo By Morning
I Like It, I Love It 03:26 Tim McGraw 124 Greatest Hits Country I Like It, I Love It - Greatest Hits I Like It, I Love It
You Keep Me Hangin’ On 03:26 Reba McEntire 126 Starting Over Country You You Keep Me Hangin’ On
How Forever Feels 03:55 Kenny Chesney 127 Greatest Hits Country How Forever Feels - Greatest Hits How Forever Feels
Constant Craving 04:38 K.D. Lang 128 Ingenue Country Constant Constant Craving
I’m In 04:33 Keith Urban 130 Defying Gravity Country I'm I’m In
State Of Grace 03:33 Reba McEntire 134 What If It’s You Country What State Of Grace
I’d Rather Ride Around With You 03:29 Reba McEntire 134 What If It’s You Country I'd Rather Ride Around with You - What If It's You I’d Rather Ride Around With You
Life Gets Away 02:56 Clint Black 135 The Greatest Hits Country Life Life Gets Away
Wild Angels 03:35 Martina McBride 138 Wild Angels Country Wild Angels - Wild Angels Wild Angels
She’s Callin’ It Love 03:05 Reba McEntire 140 What If It’s You Country She's Callin' It Love - What If It's You She’s Callin’ It Love
The Story of Us 04:25 Taylor Swift 142 Speak Now Country The The Story Of Us
That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy 03:41 Toby Keith 146 That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy Country That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy - That Don't Make Me a Bad Guy That Don’t Make Me A Bad Guy
Better Than Revenge 03:37 Taylor Swift 147 Speak Now Country Better Better Than Revenge
A Good Day To Run 03:08 Darryl Worley 148 Have You Forgotten? Country A Good Day to Run - Have You Forgotten? A Good Day To Run
Summer’s Comin’ 02:48 Clint Black 155 The Greatest Hits Country Summer's Summer’s Comin’
Wrong Night 02:51 Reba McEntire 156 If You See Him Country Wrong Wrong Night
Sin Wagon 03:40 Dixie Chicks 156 Fly Country Sin Wagon - Fly Sin Wagon
American Saturday Night 04:34 Brad Paisley 158 American Saturday Night Country American Saturday Night - American Saturday Night (Bonus Track Version) American Saturday Night

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