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Whey too much of the same? How to make your whey protein taste great and different every time!

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It’s been cold outside, so I haven’t been running much lately. But I’m building up my music collection in the mean time and will be back soon with new and exciting playlists.

I don’t know about you, but I drink a protein shake every day. I buy the giant tubs to save money and while I do enjoy vanilla flavor, it gets really old really fast and I end up having to chug a drink that I don’t like until the tub empties out – which is a long time!

Enter my friends Evan and James, who came up with a genius idea of flavored whey protein:

There is a new protein supplement on the market. The only one that allows you to customize the taste of every shake.

Have you ever bought a giant tub of protein, and got sick of the flavor 3 scoops later?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

CustomWhey lets you flavor every scoop the way you want.

The protein comes unflavored with flavor packets on the side so every shake can taste different!

Its the only supplement of its kind. Not only can every shake taste how you want,but because the protein comes unflavored, its great to bake with and and you can make protein pancakes with without ruining the flavor of what you are preparing.

Every tub comes with its very own cooking with whey cookbook.

Heres a youtube video on how it works

The protein itself is sourced from the finest protein manufactures from the US and New Zealand.

Here’s what a well respected Doctor had to say about our product

Thanks guys!

They’ve just started their pre-sales campaign on indiegogo (like kickstarter, only cooler!). So go get your hands on one of the very first tubs of CustomWhey today
I already ordered mine! I can’t wait to use it!

(Disclosure: James, Evan and I are friends, and there is no financial affiliation between us)

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