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Running Playlist – Learn While You Run

It’s been a few weeks now and the fall TV season is in full swing. It seems like there are music shows on every channel ranging from shows like x-factor which has a lot of flare and hype to the sing off, which isn’t as hyped but still has good music. I may do a TV running playlist soon, let me know if you want me to put one together.

Speaking of TV shows, when I first saw Scotty McCreery I knew he’d be successful and now, his first album Clear As Day is out and it sounds like it was entirely written for the radio. Most of the songs are very light and easy to listen to and would be very successful on the radio.

Scotty isn’t as poetically sophisticated as the country veterans, but if he doesn’t mess things up for himself, he’s going to have a huge career.

Anyway, to the subject of today’s running playlist.

What if I told you that you could be getting an Ivy League education, for free, while your run?
I think I mentioned this in the past, but I’ve been listening to a lot of iTunes U classes lately while I run and I think they’re great!

On long runs, there’s only so much music you can listen to without needing a break, especially on long slow runs. So enter iTunes U.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with iTunes U, it’s basically a free service iTunes has that shares classes from the top universities in the country (and maybe even the world). There are actual classes that were recorded at places like Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and even Stanford (which is not Ivy League, but definitely should be on this list) and they are all free to download.

Many classes are videos, which are great if you’re running on a treadmill, but when I run outside I download the audio classes and just listen to one or two lessons while I run.

So far, I’ve taken two full semesters of history classes at Brown and Yale and a computer science class at Stanford and I love the fact that I can get access to the amazing minds that teach these classes, for free and without having to attend those universities and all while I run.

One tip, if you run in a noisy area, you may want to do a volume adjustment in iTunes to the class files (right click the class in iTunes, go to “Get Info” and go to “options”) to adjust the volume because sometimes the recording volume isn’t as loud as I like it.

here are some classes I liked:

Yale Environmental politics and Law

Yale US History

Brown – From Israelite to Jew

Harvard – Lincoln

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