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10K Running Playlist at 170 BPM

running playlist

Continuing the series of 10k running playlists organized by BPM, we now arrive at the 170 BPM zone running playlist.
These songs are very fast, and can leave you out of breath if you’re not ready for them, so please be careful. They’re really great for a fast run workout or for a 10k run PR.

This running playlist is 1:06 hours long and averages out at 175 BPM.

And now, here’s the list, I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please comment, or contact me on facebook or twitter.
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Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Itunes Link Amazon Link
Take On Me 03:48 a-ha 170 Rhino Hi-Five: a-ha - EP Pop Take On Me - Rhino Hi-Five: a-ha - EP Take On Me
No Moderation 01:52 Government Warning 171 No Moderation Alternative No Moderation - No Moderation No Moderation
Play My Game 03:03 The Donnas 173 The Donnas turn 21 Alternative rock Play Play My Game
You Will Leave A Mark 03:40 A Silent Film 173 The City That Sleeps Alternative You Will Leave a Mark - The City That Sleeps You Will Leave A Mark
Candyman 03:14 Christina Aguilera 174 Back to Basics Pop Candyman Candyman
Constructive Summer 02:55 The Hold Steady 174 Stay Positive Rock Constructive Constructive Summer
Such Great Heights 04:26 The Postal Service 174 Give Up Dance Such Such Great Heights (Album)
Dancing With Myself 04:50 Billy Idol 175 The Very Best of Billy Idol Pop Dancing Dancing With Myself
Kickstart My Heart 04:42 Motley Crue 176 Dr. Feelgood Rock Kickstart Kickstart My Heart
Thirteen Times The Strength 03:59 A Silent Film 176 The City That Sleeps Alternative Thirteen Times the Strength - The City That Sleeps Thirteen Times The Strength
Bad Ass 03:47 Aphrodite & Mickey Finn 177 DJ Kenny Ken & DJ SS : World Dance - The Album Dance & DJ Bad Bad Ass
Modern Love 04:46 David Bowie 177 Best Of Bowie Rock Modern Love - Best of Bowie Modern Love
Time Warp 03:14 The Rocky Horror Picture Show 177 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack iTunes The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Original Soundtrack
I am a Girlfriend 02:29 Nobunny 177 Love Visions Alternative I Am a Girlfriend - Love Visions I Am a Girlfriend
All We Are 03:40 Gotthard 178 Lipservice Rock iTunes
All We Are
A-Punk 02:17 Vampire Weekend 178 Vampire Weekend Alternative iTunes A-Punk
Sleeping Pills 03:10 A Silent Film 178 The City That Sleeps Alternative Sleeping Pills - The City That Sleeps Sleeping Pills
Barely Listening 04:06 Pilot Speed 179 Into the West Alternative Barely Listening - Into the West Barely Listening

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