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Archive - September, 2011

Running Playlist – The Soundtrack For Your Run

Lately I’ve been working a lot on the running playlist iPhone and Android apps and that got me thinking.

What is a running playlist?

Besides the fact that it’s music that you listen to on your run, you could also think about it as the soundtrack for your run, just like the soundtrack for a movie.

Now what if we take this concept one step further and actually run with a real soundtrack?!

Running can get boring at times, even with great music. But what if your run becomes a movie starring you?
With the right soundtrack every run could be a different story

  • You could be a washed up runner, about to be kicked off the team, but given one last chance for the run of your life.
  • You could be a strapping young law student escaping rogue government agents who want to kill you because you discovered a dark secret (can you tell I just watched the Pelican brief:)
  • Or, you could be a hunter running through a primitive jungle chasing your prey or Is it chasing you?

I did a quick Internet search and found a lot of interesting resources for great soundtrack music but one really stood out. The site is called jewel beat, and it has hundreds if not thousands of actual soundtracks that you can get for free or for very cheap. It’s even searchable by theme, so if you want motivational music or suspenseful music or whatever, you can find it easily.

Now I have a soundtrack running playlist on my iPhone and every run can be a different movie.

I recently ran to the running playlist below, and I have to say, it’s a very interesting experience to run with a movie playing in your head. I especially liked the final track which made me imagine running to the finish line and the crowds cheering my victory…

And now, here’s the list, I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please comment, or contact me on facebook or twitter.
I’d also appreciate it if you “like” this post on Facebook or “+1″ it if you are on Google+.

Track Name BPM Link
Freedom Tolls 130 Get it here
Coming of Age 85 Get it here
Free Run 90 Get it here
Grit And Glory 113 Get it here
Just Love 92 Get it here
Easy Living 104 Get it here
Epic Evolution 134 Get it here
Rocking The Right Way 136 Get it here
Miles To Go 152 Get it here
Onto Something Big 75 Get it here

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The Running Playlist app – now on Android!

running playlist android app

It’s been a while since I posted, and now I can tell you what kept me away from publishing my usual running playlists (or you can guess from the title of this post, either way…:)

Since I launched the running playlist iPhone app, it’s had over 120,000 uses, and I’ve gotten multiple requests for a similar android app.

It sounded like a simple task to me, but little did I know, that it would take months, and not weeks to complete. The reason was that the developer I hired for this got into some technical difficulties and decided that he’s dropping the project midway, so I was basically left hanging with some unfinished files, and ended up reading a lot(!) of android websites and documentation, learning how to program for android and finishing it up myself.

Click here to get the new app

I would definitely love to hear your feedback on this app and any thoughts on how to improve it (that goes for the iPhone app as well btw).

This is the original version of the running playlist app (no pace calculator) and if I see interest in it, I’ll add more features like with the iPhone app.

The app is on the Android market now so go ahead and give it a try.

As usual, it would be great if you tell your friends about this and also let me know what you think so please comment, or contact me on facebook or twitter. I’d also appreciate it if you “like” this post on Facebook or “+1″ it if you are on Google+.
Have fun!

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