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running playlist iphone app

A little over 2 weeks ago, I launched the running playlist iphone app.
I read all about the competition in the app store and how apps really have to market themselves to get noticed, so I didn’t expect much.

BUT, you really came through!

In the last 2 weeks, the running playlist app was listed as a new and noteworthy app, spent almost the entire time in the top 100 in healthcare and fitness, and even made it to the top 50 for a few days!

I really appreciate the thousands of you who took the time to download the app and try it out!
Best of all, there have already been hundreds if not thousands of downloads of new music through the app (unfortunately Apple doesn’t want to tell me which music was downloaded so I can put more of it in the app…) which means that people are actually using the app and discovering new music!

Once again, thank you for believing in this site and in the app and using it to discover new music for your running playlist.

I have one small request:

For those of you who downloaded the app and liked it, please give my app a 5 rating in the iTunes store. High ratings are really important to help an app get noticed.

If you downloaded it and didn’t like it, please tell me before posting a bad review so I can fix what was wrong. Out of the 10 reviews I have, the 3 bad ones are from people who didn’t read the description and were disappointed when the app didn’t do what their imagination let them believe the app does.

Thank you again for your support of this site and of the app, it makes all the hard work and countless hours I put into it worth it!
More cool stuff to come soon!!!

If you want to download the app you can get it here

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