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It’s Finally Here! A Surprise from Running Playlist

running playlist iphone app

You may have been wondering what I’ve been working on for the past few months or maybe not, but still…

Well, I can finally share this now! Running Playlist has gone mobile and I now have an iPhone app in the apple app store.

You can get it here

This app takes the music on this website into the mobile world and cuts out the PC as the middleman for all your running playlist needs.

running playlist iphone app

Imagine that you’re on a run, and want to up your pace by using a high BPM song. Problem is, you don’t have a way to find high BPM songs in iTunes, and you won’t waste your time listening to lots of songs trying to find the right one…
Running Playlist to the rescue! Just like in the site, the new running playlist app has tons of songs listed by BPM to address all your running needs.

But wait, there’s more…

Not only can you find songs or entire playlists by BPM, you can also find them by event type. So if you need a playlist for a fast 5k and you realize that 10 minutes before the run starts, all you need to do is launch the app, tap the “5k” icon, and there you have it, 100′s of songs and playlists for you to choose.

Get the running playlist app here

The folks at Apple liked this app as well, and it’s now (as of yesterday) featured in the new and noteworthy section in its category.

running playlist iphone app

Right now, the app is priced for the launch, but it won’t stay like this forever, so get it now…

Also, I would really appreciate if you share this with your friends, so we can get this app out to as many runners as possible. No reason for them to run with boring music, right? :)

You can get the running playlist app here

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