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5K running playlist of the week: 10-21-2010

This week’s 5K list is a split running playlist. What this means is that for the first half of the run, you’ll be running relatively slowly with slower music at an average bpm of 112 BPM. Once the first half is done, the BPM picks up and your run gets much faster. The music goes from 112 average BPM to 157 average BPM, with a high at 172 BPM.

This list is also very fast. It’s only 35 minutes long and if you want your run to last for the duration of the list, you’ll have to run at a pace of 11:19 min/mile, which is not too slow at all.

You can also break this list apart and use the slow songs for a warm up if you’d like at the beginning of your own running playlist.

And now – the running playlist:

Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Get it on iTunes Get it on
I Want You Back 00:02:59. Jackson 5 101 Jackson 5: The
Ultimate Collection
R&B/Soul I I Want You Back
00:04:47.0 Nelly Furtado 114 Folklore Pop One-Trick One-Trick Pony
Don't Go
Away Mad (Just Go Away)
00:04:39.0 Motley Crue 116 Dr. Feelgood Rock Don't Don’t Go Away Mad
(Album Version)
00:03:26.0 The Green Children 117 Encounter Pop Dragons Dragons
Love Her
00:03:18.0 The Doors 148 The Best Of The Doors CD2 Rock Love Love Her Madly
What Kind Of
00:03:47.0 Sister Hazel 141 Bam! Volume 1 Rock What What Kind Of Living
00:02:48.0 Clint Black 155 The Greatest Hits Country Summer's Summer’s Comin’
Wrong Night 00:02:51.0 Reba McEntire 156 If You See Him Country Wrong Wrong Night
00:02:57.0 Future of the Left 172 Travels With Myself and Another Alternative Rock Arming Arming Eritrea
Cover 00:03:38.0 Engine Down 175 Engine Down Alternative rock Cover Cover

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