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Running Playlist: Playlist of the week: Christian Music: 09-17-2010

I am by no means a devout Christian, but I do definitely understand how spirituality and religion fit into running.

There have been many occasions when I was overwhelmed by the feeling of being inspired (“inspired” = “in spirit”), especially on early morning runs when the world is quiet and the sun is just coming up and shining a golden light on the world, and many others where I felt so low that I searched my spiritual reserves for strength.

During those times, music helped me get break through my barriers and get to the spiritual level I was searching for.

Below is a running playlist of some inspirational songs and while you can definitely find inspiration in songs like “eye of the tiger”, these songs offer something extra.

I started the running playlist out with an easy song to run with, i.e. low BPM, for a warm up and then started the real run.
The playlist is an hour long, and ends with a low BPM song to help you cool down.

And now, here’s the list

Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Get it on iTunes Get it on
Free to Be Me 00:03:28. Francesca
87 My Paper Heart Christian &
Free Free To Be Me
O Taste And
See (Live)
00:04:23. Brian and Jenn Johnson 110 Where You Go I Go: Live Christian & Gospel O O Taste And See
00:04:26.0 Casting Crowns 123 Until The Whole World Hears Christian & Gospel Joyful, Joyful, Joyful
Now 00:03:49.0 Poor Old Lu 123 The Waiting Room Christian & Gospel Now Now
Crowded 00:03:53.0 Poor Old Lu 124 The Waiting Room Christian & Gospel Crowded Crowded
00:04:32.0 Charlie Hall 124 Flying Into Daybreak Christian & Gospel Marvelous Marvelous Light
Holy One 00:03:16.0 Casting Crowns 135 Until The Whole World Hears Christian & Gospel Holy Holy One
Way Beyond
00:03:33.0 Newsboys 137 Born Again Christian & Gospel Way Way Beyond Myself
High Of 75 00:02:27.0 Relient K 137 Mmhmm Christian & Gospel High High Of 75
One Girl
00:03:10.0 Superchick 138 Regeneration Christian & Gospel One One Girl Revolution
Escape 00:02:47.0 Newsboys 147 Born Again Christian & Gospel Escape Escape
Tell The
00:04:33.0 Hillsong United 150 The I Heart Revolution Christian & Gospel Tell Tell The World
Running Just
To Catch Myself
00:05:27.0 Mark Schultz 155 Stories & Songs Christian & Gospel Running Running Just To Catch Myself
More Than
00:03:50.0 Relient K 168 Mmhmm Christian & Gospel More More Than Useless
No One Like
00:03:52.0 David Crowder*Band 179 Illuminate Christian & Gospel No No One Like You
It's Your
00:02:50. Francesca Battistelli 93 My Paper Heart Christian & Gospel It's It’s Your Life

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