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Running Playlist: Playlist of the week: 09-24-2010

It’s Friday again and the weekend is almost here, but really, it’s time for the running playlist of the week.

This week it’s all about speed.

When I do speed work, I usually do it on a track and run one or two loops at a slow pace, and then one or two loops very fast.

The running playlist this week is designed to do exactly that. I built this list so that you have one or two songs with high BPM so you can go fast, and then one or two songs with a low BPM so you can catch your breath and prepare for the next fast run.

I also built it so that you have a warm up and cool down period at the beginning and the end of your run.

This running playlist is 1:27 long, a bit longer than the usual Friday list, so if you feel this is too long for you, feel free to snip it or take out some songs as you need. If you do snip it, make sure to take out the songs at the BPM level you won’t use. You don’t want to stay with only very fast songs if you’re a new or slow runner.

And now, Here’s the list:

Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Get it on iTunes Get it on
Hip Hop Is Dead 00:03:45. Nas featuring
111 Hip Hop Is Dead Hip Hop/Rap Hip Hip Hop Is Dead
Just the Way
You Are
00:03:40. Bruno Mars 111 Just the Way You Are – Single Pop Just Just The Way You Are
Pretty Tied
00:04:48.0 Guns N' Roses 141 Use Your Illusion II Hard Rock Pretty Pretty Tied Up
I'll Kill
You If You Don't Come Back
00:06:24.0 Meat Loaf 142 Dead Ringer Rock I'll I’ll Kill You If You Don’t Come Back
All These
Things That I've Done
00:05:01. The Killers 119 Hot Fuss Alternative Hot All These Things That I’ve Done
Only In My
00:03:57.0 Debbie Gibson 124 Greatest Hits Pop Only Only In My Dreams
You Make My
00:03:11.0 Hall & Oates 153 The Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates Rock/Pop You You Make My Dreams
Shot Through
The Heart
00:04:19.0 Bon Jovi 154 Bon Jovi Rock Shot Shot Through The Heart
My Humps 00:05:27.0 Black Eyed Peas 124 Monkey Business Hip-Hop My My Humps
00:04:53.0 Bon Jovi 124 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit Rock Secret Secret Dreams
Wrong Night 00:02:51.0 Reba McEntire 156 If You See Him Country Wrong Wrong Night
Call On Me
(Radio Edit)
00:02:49. Eric Prydz 125 Call On Me – EP Dance Call Call On Me
Visitors 00:03:05. frYars 126 Visitors – EP Electronic Visitors Visitors
Love For
00:03:57.0 Bon Jovi 157 New Jersey Rock/Pop Love Love For Sale
Mighty Wings 00:03:51.0 Cheap Trick 158 Top Gun Soundtrack Mighty Mighty Wings
She Don't
Know Me
00:03:59.0 Bon Jovi 128 Bon Jovi Rock She She Don’t Know Me
The Middle 00:02:45. Jimmy Eat World 160 Jimmy Eat World Alternative The The Middle
Smiley Faces 00:03:05.0 Gnarls Barkley 164 St. Elsewhere Alternative & Punk Smiley Smiley Faces
Soul Meets
00:03:48.0 Death Cab For Cutie 128 Plans Rock Soul Soul Meets Body
Dragula 00:03:42. Rob Zombie 128 Hellbilly Deluxe Rock Dragula Dragula
Nothing Wrong With That
00:03:30.0 Robert Randolph & The Fily Band 164 Colorblind Rock Ain't Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That
Cover 00:03:38.0 Engine Down 175 Engine Down Alternative rock Cover Cover
Jones End Credits
00:01:30.0 John Williams 120 Indiana Jones Soundtrack End Finale And End Credits

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