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Running Playlist: Why run with music?

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I have a question for you:

Do you want to run faster? Up to 20% faster, to be exact, than you do now? Do you want to heal faster and be less tired when you are done? If so, read on.

Let’s face it, if you run a lot, whether it is training for a marathon or a 10k or just for fun, running can get boring sometimes.

Music makes your run more fun, right?

But did you know it can also make you go faster, train better and lower your injury rates?
In a study by Brunel University, the researchers found that listening to music before or during exercise can reduce fatigue, and increase your performance by up to 20%.

Quote from the study:

1. Music can narrow attention and divert your mind from sensations of fatigue
2. Music can be used as a form of stimulant prior to training (loud, upbeat music) or as a sedative to calm feelings of anxiety or nervousness (soft, slow music)
3. Synchronizing work rates to music increases performance levels. Music tempo regulates movement and thus prolongs performance
4. Music can enhance the acquisition of motor skills and create a better environment in which to learn new skills.

This study shows that if you listen to music while you work out, you can train harder because your focus is on the music and not on how tired you are.

What this means is that if you usually run at 10min/mile, music can help you run at 8min/mile!

Also, in an article published by the University of New Mexico, Dr. Len Kravitz (I don’t think there is any relation to the famous Lenny Kravitz, but who can tell…), an Associate Professor in exercise science, talks about a test performed on 24 subjects who listened to slow and fast music while cycling. The results were that the participants who listened to fast pace music, performed better than the ones who listened to no music.

But here’s the issue: According to the research, it’s not enough to just listen to music, you also have to listen to the right kind of music based on the level of exercise you are participating in and the tempo of the music (Beats per minute/BPM)

More about that in the next articles.

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