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Running Playlist: 5K Playlist of the week: 08-26-2010

Running Playlist

Today’s list is designed to help you run a fast 5k. It’s timed at 47 minutes, so even slower runners can benefit from using it.

If you notice, all the songs on this list have a BPM of 150 or higher, which means that they will help you stay pumped and energized throughout your run.

They are also ordered in an escalating order so you start out fast, and build up more speed as the running playlist progresses until the end of the run where you have the fastest song for a fast finish.

If you already know your 5K time, you should probably clip this list to match it so you get the benefits of the faster songs being at the end.

Obviously, feel free to move songs around to match your running style, e.g. if you like to start very fast, then slow down a bit and then go fast again, you should move the lower BPM songs to the middle.

And now – the running playlist:

Name Time Artist BPM Album Genre Get it on Get it on iTunes
Live And Let Die 03:04 Guns N' Roses 152 Use Your
Illusion I
Hard Rock Live And Let Die Live
Midnight /
04:18 Skid Row 152 Skid Row Rock Midnight / Tornado Midnight/Tornado
Jimmy Jimmy 03:56 Madonna 152 True Blue Pop Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy
You Make My
03:11 Hall & Oates 153 The Essential Daryl Hall & John Oates Rock/Pop You Make My Dreams (Remastered 2003) You
No Surrender 04:02 Bruce Springsteen 154 Born in the USA Rock No Surrender No
Shot Through The Heart 04:19 Bon Jovi 154 Bon Jovi Rock Shot Through The Heart Shot
Fragile awareness 02:41 The Pattern 155 Real Feelness Alternative rock Fragile Awareness Fragile
Don't Stop Me Now 03:30 Queen 156 Greatest Hits I Rock Don’t Stop Me Now Don't
Wrong Night 02:51 Reba McEntire 156 If You See Him
(Australia Limi
Country Wrong Night Wrong
I'm So
03:53 The Pointer Sisters 160 The Best Of The Pointer Sisters Rock/Pop I’m So Excited I'm
Danger Zone 03:31 Kenny Loggins 161 Top Gun Soundtrack Danger Zone (Album Version) Danger
The Evil That Men Do 04:36 Iron Maiden 163 Seventh Son of
a Seventh Son
Hard Rock The Evil That Men Do (Album Version) The
Cover 03:38 Engine Down 175 Engine Down Alternative rock Cover Cover

You can also listen to samples here:

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